We believe collaborating with companies to provide more value to their clients.

At Ikusi we are convinced that joining our capabilities and those of specialised companies within the sector allows us to offer a more complete solution, and to better cover the needs of healthcare organisations.
If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please get in touch.

Process consultants

Companies in the healthcare sector, specialising in process improvement, who can provide greater value to their customers with Ikusi’s software solutions.

SB solution integrators

Technological companies that integrate software solutions in hospitals, and who can implement Ikusi solutions in their clients’ organisations.

Technology providers

Technology companies that supply equipment, materials, etc., which, together with our solutions, can offer greater value to their clients.

Communications companies

Companies specialising in WLAN communication networks that, together with our solutions, can offer a greater number of online services.


The objective is that their capabilities and ours combined will ensure the success of any project implemented in a hospital. Therefore, partners can avail of both our telematic and in-situ professional services to ensure the success of the project.

Partner portal

Portal for our Partners. The portal provides secure access to the Training Programme documents, the latest Software Version downloads, Hardware Compatibility lists and Integration documentation, as well as sales and marketing material and much more.


We train you so that you acquire the necessary capacities to undertake the projects with your clients.

Certification programme

We offer a certification programme for integrating our solutions with third-party solutions.