Process consultancy


Process improvement, visualisation and optimisation of patient flow, quality and safety through applying Lean methodologies.

Ikusi and its value network has healthcare professionals who, with their know-how of operations management and Lean healthcare methodology, can help improve processes, visualisation and optimisation of patient flow.
Our technology solutions facilitate the implementation of the processes defined by the hospital.

  • Have you ever acquired technology but not obtained the benefits you expected?
  • Has it ever occurred to you that you have the processes perfectly defined on paper, but they still haven’t been implemented in the hospital?
  • In the surgical area, are the processes of operating room planning, scheduling of surgeries, preparation of materials, transfers, etc., homogeneous processes for the medical units, administration, nursing staff, orderlies, etc.?
  • Optimisation of operational processes in the surgical area for the efficient management of allocated resources.
  • Detection and elimination of losses in each of the operational processes.
  • Savings of approximately 23% in the consumption of materials.
  • Higher occupancy of operating rooms, approximately 15%.