Technological implementation

planificación y programación del BQ

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process of improving the management of the surgical block.

Developing the full potential of Ikusi solutions, and implementing them in organisations, requires the careful orchestration of people, processes and technologies. We help hospitals achieve their goal of improving surgical block management.

Our proposal is not only technological.

We also accompany your organisation throughout the improvement process, providing the necessary methodologies to ensure the success of the solution.

Our professional services help develop the projects,

working with a 5-phase methodology:

1. Specifying your SB management problems with the professionals involved:

  • Hospital manager.
  • SB deputy medical director.
  • Heads of department.
  • Nursing department.
  • Surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses.

2. Co-designing the solution.

3. Visualising the solution in real-time.

4. Implementing a trial of the solution.

5. Working on Change Management.