Managing the Surgical Patient Experience


Improving communication between doctor, patient and family members.

Patients increasingly demand personalised communication within the hospital, but also outside it. Managing the patient’s experience has become a key element of patient/client differentiation, attraction and loyalty. To achieve this objective, hospitals must address these and other complex issues:

  • What personalised services can be offered to patients and their families to improve doctor-patient communication in the surgical process?.
  • Do you think it is possible to improve information and waiting times for companions during the surgery?.

Ikusi’s solution for the management of the surgical patient’s experience offers the following benefits:

  • Create the surgical patient’s communication corridor, from a patient experience perspective. This allows evaluation of the patient’s current points of contact with the hospital, the emotional triggers and, subsequently, the improvements to be made or new contact points to establish.
  • Improve doctor-patient communication through digital channels during the perioperative process; e.g. reminder of tests, surgery dates, fasting, check ups, etc.
  • Provide information to family members through digital channels, inside and outside the waiting room, regarding the patient’s situation in the perioperative process, which makes them feel more secure and calm, thus improving their satisfaction and experience.