Surgery Scheduling

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Increasing the performance of the SB and reducing inactivity in the operating rooms by improving the scheduling. 

    For a hospital medical unit or scheduling department, scheduling surgeries is no easy task given the number of restrictions: availability of surgeons, types of procedure, equipment required, duration of procedures, delays, cancellations, priorities, etc.
    Therefore, the real performance of a scheduled operating room is, at times, far removed from the theoretical goals established by the organisation.

Ikusi’s solution helps with the scheduling of operating rooms, since it:

  • Provides visibility of the way in which medical units perform scheduling and recording, allowing advance scheduling and anomalous situations to be detected in advance.
  • Allows scheduling to be adjusted based on the automatic recording of surgeries and the standardisation of their duration (ICD-10).
  • Optimises scheduling, thus reducing delays, cancellations and extended periods in the operating room.
  • Proposes the most appropriate surgery schedule, taking into account existing constraints and the organisation’s objectives.
  • Gives nursing staff advance notice of the surgeon’s needs for each scheduled surgery.