Surgical Block Optimisation


Organises a scenario as complex and demanding as the SB with solutions that help you optimise its management.

Surgical activity, as well as being key to a hospital, is one of its main sources of expenditure, though also of revenue. Effective management of the preoperative process has become a critical objective. To meet this objective, hospitals must address these and other complex issues:

  • Is there sufficient advance visibility of the forecasted use of operating rooms to allow for the scheduled activity to be increased or prioritised?
  • How would clinical operations improve if there were real-time visibility of the situation of the process and its resources, the staff, patients and shared critical equipment?
  • Is there room for improvement in terms of managing the consumption of surgery materials and cost control of the same?/li>

The SB optimisation solutions will enable you to make management of the SB more efficient and to improve the experience of patients and professionals. Our solutions will help you to:

  • Reduce cancellations, extensions and delays in the operating room.
  • Increase the activity of the surgical block in the established hours of operation.
  • Prioritise the Surgery Waiting List.
  • Standardise the material management process, as well as its financial economic management.
  • Improve the safety of the surgical patient through the traceability of materials and location of patient.
  • Facilitate operating room preparatory tasks according the surgeries scheduled.
  • Automatically record surgery time, cleaning, changeover, etc. Improve flow, efficiency and patient safety, thanks to their real-time location and traceability.