Surgical Material Logistics


Most healthcare operators have General Warehouse management systems, and therefore manage the supply of the surgical material required to carry out both scheduled and urgent surgery. However, hospitals take into account other complex issues:

  • The absence of a real association between the financial economic management of the stock and the costs regarding materials assigned to patient/surgical procedure/medical unit.
  • Reducing stock, intermediate warehouses and eliminating obsolete inventory.
  • Returning leftover material from each surgical procedure.
  • Relieving or facilitating nursing tasks when preparing operating rooms or recording surgical activity.

Ikusi’s surgical material logistics solution offers the following benefits:

  • Standardisation of the materials (general and specific) required for each type of surgery as a fundamental measure for reducing expenditure (typically 23%), reducing obsolete inventory and financial economic control.
  • Advance knowledge of the materials needed, any special requirements for each surgery, or the advance preparation of operating rooms.
  • Assign to the patient/medical unit the material used during the surgery (e.g. implants, consignment material, consumables).
  • Advance knowledge of the materials needed, to avoid interruption of stock.
  • Relieve the nursing staff of trolley preparation.
  • Reduce intermediate warehouses.
  • Improve communication with suppliers, and reduce administrative tasks.