Surgical Patient Safety

technology for patient safety in OR

Increases the safety of patients through solutions that allow real-time traceability of the patient and the materials used.

Patient safety is the key objective in the operating room. There are two areas of action which, in a complementary way, seek improvements in this regard: firstly, through a system of identification, location and traceability of the surgical patient; secondly, facilitating the preparation, transportation and recording in the patient’s medical history of the materials associated with their surgery. To achieve this objective, hospitals must address these and other complex issues:

  • Is the location and identification of patients an area for improvement in your hospital?.
  • How is the coordination of professionals carried out with regard to changes in the patient’s condition during the surgical process?.
  • How do you guarantee the availability of stock, implants or consignment material for the scheduled surgeries?.
  • Does the preparation of operating rooms in your hospital involve manual, and therefore error-prone, processes?.
  • Does the recording of materials during surgery involve manual, and therefore error-prone processes?.

Ikusi Health’s solution for the safety of the surgical patient offers the following benefits:

  • Avoid safety errors by automating the identification, location and traceability of patient flow.
  • Automate the process of operating room preparation, i.e. provision of materials and equipment, preparation and transfer of trolleys, and opening of the operating room, in an integrated way, with the scheduling of surgeries in each operating room.
  • Generate alerts for shortage of material, incorrect transfer of trolleys or lack of equipment in the operating room.
  • Automatically record in the patient’s medical history the materials used: consumables, implants and consignment material.