Application Modules

Application modules

Choose the modules that meet your needs.

The FORWARD platform is comprised of a family of software modules, each designed to meet specific needs related to operating room activity.

OR Calendar

Manages the scheduled allocation of the operating rooms to each medical unit.

OR Plannig Simulator

Simulates scenarios of allocating operating rooms to the medical units, analysing how this impacts on delays.

OR Scheduler Dashboard

Dashboard for scheduling and recording the organisation’s operating rooms. With historical information, but also for the present and future.

OR Utilization Dashboard

Provides detailed information about the activity of an operating room for a specific date. It compares the scheduled activity with the recorded activity, i.e. surgery time, cleaning time, changeover time, times with no activity, extended times, etc.

Sheduling Assistance

Specialised tool for scheduling operating rooms, applying the prioritisation criteria defined by the healthcare organisation.

Real-Time Operation

Front end with real-time information on how operations are being carried out in the entire surgical area.

Waiting Room OR Information System

Group monitors display the situation of the patient during surgery.

Surgery Patient Connect

Allows doctor-patient communication via SMS, email and APP, based on the patient’s situation during the perioperative process (for sending reminders of appointments, information, etc.)

Case Cart Manager

Specialised tool for preparing the materials associated with each scheduled surgery in an operating room.