Infrastructure and Network

infraestructura y red ormanager

Use your organisation’s existing infrastructure and network.

FORWARD makes use of your organisation’s existing infrastructure. Our technical team will help you define whatever is needed for implementing our solutions in your organisation.


FORWARD supports multi-hospital or stand-alone centralised architecture for hospitals.

FORWARD is easily scalable.

It allows high-availability architecture if required.


FORWARD is a modular platform. It can be hosted on virtual machines. We will advise you on the needs of the required machine, depending on the functionalities defined.


Regarding the Operations Management solution, FORWARD uses the existing Wi-Fi network in the hospital, and also as a real-time location system. It does not, therefore, require the installation of any additional equipment (typically RFID or BLE beacons). Depending on the specific needs of the organisation, we will advise you on defining the requirements of the Wi-Fi network.