Perioperative Analysis

Perioperative analysis

Allows you to analyse the surgical activity in your organisation.

Tool specially designed to analyse the perioperative process in the healthcare organisation.

Gives you a complete picture of how the perioperative process in the organisation is carried out. A business intelligence tool, specifically designed for the SB, allowing you to exploit information in real time at the required level of detail, and thus be able to identify the causes and subsequently define the improvement actions.
The Perioperative Analysis tool presents the information via specialised dashboards for surgical block management.

You can identify in a totally dynamic way, at the level of medical unit, operating room, shift, etc., aspects such as: comparison between scheduled and recorded activity, activity times, performance, extensions, cancellations and patient flow analysis, among others.


Intuitive dashboards specifically for operating room management.

Real-time information

The information is presented updated in real time to serve as a tool to support decision-making.

Dynamic data exploitation

The tool allows you to browse the different levels in which the information is presented, so you can deduce the causes and subsequently the improvement actions.

It also gives you access to the hospital’s data exploitation systems, to the information available in the tool DB.

Mobile tool

The tool can be used from any type of device, PC, tablet or Smartphone.