Real-time Location System (RTLS)


Real-time location using Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags for professionals, patients and physical equipment.

Ikusi is a certified partner of the world leader in RTLS systems for the healthcare sector. The solution arising from the collaboration between both companies offers a new dimension for managing flows in the surgical area.

  • Patient identification.
  • Real-time location and physical traceability of patients (record of entering and exiting and time spent in the location areas).
  • Patient state in the care process and traceability of the process (record of entry and exit time and time spent in each state).
  • Patient occupancy by area.
  • Notifications to professionals based on system events.

Real-time traceability of patients

Identification and physical location of patients, professionals and equipment, inside and outside the surgical area.

Processing times

Know how long the patient, professional and equipment spend in each stage of the surgical process.

Automatic recording of process times.

No additional infrastructure required

It is compatible with the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network. It does not, therefore, require the installation of any additional equipment (typically RFID or BLE beacons).

Communication interfaces

These allow communication, doctor-patient and among professionals, through LEDs, call buzzer and programmable alert buttons.

Decision-making support

Allows decision-making through real-time visibility and immediate analysis of patient flow and the perioperative process.

Improving the patient-client experience

The patient will feel more secure to see that he or she is being attended to constantly.

The patient’s companions will know at what stage the patient is in the perioperative process.


Improves communication between professionals, transfers and the integration of the various areas of the hospital.

Avoids constant calls between the different areas of the hospital.