Ikusi, providing valuable solutions


Ikusi is a company committed to the success of its customers, which grows with them, becoming its technological ally, to lead market spaces by providing integrated business solutions, based on ICT and electronics.

At Ikusi we provide technological solutions that meet the needs of operators in the sectors in which we work. Under this focus, each and every Ikusi business operates: airports, security, telecommunications and IT networks, Smart Cities, health…

Today the added value of Ikusi is to develop solutions around the acquisition and analysis of data that allow us to increase the competitiveness of our customers through the optimization of their processes. Ikusi has a team composed of more than 800 highly qualified professionals and customers in more than 80 countries,

dedicating 4% of their turnover to R + D + I tasks. Ikusi is present in 9 countries: Germany, Australia, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, UAE, France and Mexico.

Ikusi is part of Velatia, a family, industrial and technological group with a global vocation, integrated by a multicultural team made up of almost 3,000 people from 20 countries.

Velatia dispone de oficinas en 19 países, 15 centros de fabricación y un Centro de Investigación y Tecnología de primera línea a nivel mundial.

At Ikusi, as an integral part of Velatia, we are firmly committed to sustainability, combining the development of our business with satisfying the needs of our stakeholders, supporting the community in which we operate and minimizing the environmental impact on the same
All this is manifested in the Certifications achieved and in the commitments we developed in line with Velatia’s sustainability strategy.